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Bruntingthorpe Charity Track Day

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Bruntingthorpe Charity Track Day

Postby Rosy B » Sun May 14, 2017 2:34 pm

Hi everyone, not been on here for a good while so hope everyone is ok.....as some of you will know we have been involved with Asda and their charity track day for the past 12 years, last year was the last one for Asda.
However the Walton family who own Bruntingthorpe and the two guys who organized the event have got together and are now going to stage this great event over 2 days in September 16/17, Click on the link below to see what going to be there,things are being added all the time so that will change, there will be camping at the airfield from Friday mid day till Monday mid day, Petrol will be available as well so no having to run out to fill up, food and drink will be available ,evening entertainment is also there.
Next will be there selling clothes,there is an events area,Jets will be doing fast runs up the runway, and lots more, Kiddies will be well catered for too.
We will need at least 50 cars to go on the track to cover the two days, Each driver will be given a code to be able to go on the track. So we need alist of drivers who wil definitely be going on the track,you do not need to have a scooby but it needs to be something punters will want to go in, if you have friends with the right sort of cars that would be great, Add your name and type of car to the list below so we know what we have to play wih,bring some cash, bring the family/friends this will be the best weekend car wise you will have. Lets make this a good one, Chris B


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