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Central mailbox ?

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Central mailbox ?

Postby The Swede » Mon Sep 11, 2006 6:59 am

Looks like some co-ordination between the mods is necessary.

Without joking, I think our moderators are doing an excellent job.

Since they combine this with a full time jobs, I understand they need to 'take shifts' as one person cannot be online every day.

However, to judge from the 'rebadge WR1TE-OFF', it seems having a 'central mailbox' or 'to do list' would be usefull as Fraser did PM Smurf and now needs to PM Chris with the same request.
A central place we can PM to with (important) questions could be useful. Especially if it has some 'flags' the moderators can set for eachother to say whether action has been taken already or needs to be taken still.

If such mailbox already exists (e.g. WEBMASTER), it might be usefull to inform everyone of this on the forum in a sticky tread.
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