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Poole In Wharfedale

Seen a WR1? See if you can find the owner by posting your sighting here.

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Poole In Wharfedale

Postby simon.r » Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:49 pm

Spotted just before the mini roundabout -

99.5% sure it was a WR1 - Gave me a big wave - managed to look in my mirror to see it had a Prodrive GB270 Spoiler on it thou - Cant be many arround with this kind of spoiler -

Was it you??

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Re: Poole In Wharfedale

Postby Megaman » Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:45 pm

Wasnt me but have seen 2 others who dont seem to be on the forum filling up at Shell with me there before now. The Shell garage till man told me one of them lives within a few hundred yards of the garage but the other one is from otley way. Told him to tell the owners about this site but as yet they haven't signed up.

Dont recall seeing one with that spoiler though...
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