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Rear Struts

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Rear Struts

Postby Bonovox » Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:13 pm

Two weeks after selling my one my so called mate :wink: thought he would wind me up by buying a tidy one owner 32k example from a Scooby dealer to make me jelous :suss:

Sounds like he's got a beuty apart from on the long drive home he noticed the tell tale knocking at the rear.... He had asked at the time of buying if the shocks had been changed and was informed they hadn't and were fine. On calling the dealer they got him to take it to his local Subaru dealer to be checked and they found that one shocker was fooked.

Thing is they are claiming it's not part of the warranty (not a subaru warranty) and have agreed to him having the work done locally to him but only for the one shocker. I personally would have thought that if one had gone knowing their history the other would follow sharpish, would he be reasonable to ask for both rears to be replaced at the same time? He paid a premium for the car and you would think they would have checked things like this and the driving lights which arent working (yes on full beam) before selling the car. :shake:
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Re: Rear Struts

Postby Gary75 » Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:04 pm

You have to replace both sides if one is knocking then the other will shortly follow, dont forget the other shocker will have lost its damping properties if its the original OE part. Im Quite surprised a professional company would suggest only replacing the one side??? that could cause an issue with handling etc.

The warranty aint worth the paper its written on, they always claim general ware and tare unless the component has completely failed.. dont forget the car is ten years old so parts are going to be worn or fail, regardless of mileage. Who in the right mind would offer a warranty?

Ive fitted KYB Ultra Sr shocks all round and for the price if they start knocking again i will just replace them. If he has the fronts done to compliment the ride, make sure you swap out the bump stops from the old shockers and fit to the new ones :thumb:

I bet the company that sold the car greased the shockers to stop the knocking. Lift the rubber boots and check for grease?? this is a short term fix, may last a week, just enough time for a test drive and then you drive home and the dreaded knock starts :suss:
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Re: Rear Struts

Postby silver-sonic » Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:43 pm

deffo would not only replace one shocker.
dont expect main dealers to sell with faults as simple as lights not working either.
where did he buy from and how much?
seems to be a few low milers around lately.
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