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Jdm cluster v8

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Jdm cluster v8

Postby S4lford » Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:18 pm

Hi all seen as I've smashed the wr1 up in recent months I've decided to buy the car back of the insurance and sell it onto someone else for them to fix or strip.
I have decided to take certain things of the car and the jdm cluster is one of them, iam at a loss as iam unsure if this has a kph to mph converter on it and if so where would i find it, and also is it a direct plug and play or do I need some mods for it to work in my next car.
The cluster is in kph but was reading in mph please help.
I've taken the cluster out and there is all sorts of wires and a black box behind there I will take some photos and post tomoz to see if anyone knows abit more.
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