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Carbonetic clutch Group Buy

Postby dave@dsa » Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:34 pm

Carbonetic Twin/Triple Plate Clutches :D

Comes complete with flywheel, bearing and pull to push conversion.Everything needed for installation.

One of the innate properties of C/C composite technology is its porous structure within the carbon matrix. Years of research have produced a technology able to control the number and size of these pores as well as the allowance of metal to be placed within, thus creating C/CMC. By placing metals such as silicon, aluminum, bronze and titanium, ACROSS has been able to produce certain composites with unique characteristics. Inherent benefits include rigidity, heat resistance and lightness. Creative applications are consequently realized. 8)

Nice blurb from the website eh?

The twin plate can handle up 800ps.
It is available with a choice of pressure plates -
1100kg (close to stock feel, but handle less power(600ps))or
1350KG (harder than stock but the most common type will sell)
Very good modulation.No on,off effect.


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