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Considering WR1

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Considering WR1

Postby brakepad » Wed May 04, 2016 9:04 am

Hi all. With two kids now in tow I'm unfortunately selling my 997 in a couple of months and will be driving something temporary until I decide what to change to.
I've always loved the Blobeye STi, and very nearly bought one back in 2006 before going for a VX220 instead. No regrets, but I'm now tempted again to own a Scooby, and the WR1 just seems that little bit more special.
I'm not really interested in modding & it seems that the WR1s are more likely to have been loved and potentially un-modded than the vast majority of the normal STIs out there.

If anyone has the time I do have a few questions:
Looking through some of the threads, it seems that spare parts are getting hard to come by. Is this the case, e.g. are there are parts which simply aren't available any more that will turn the car in to a non-runner or require a lot of time off the road?
What sort of annual costs (not fuel) are realistic, for <10000miles?
Over, say, 3 years/30000 miles, what's likely to need replacing (say, 3 sets of tyres, 3 services, but brakes? clutch? cambelt? shocks/links? anything else major mechanically?
Will it do more than 20mpg if you try?
Will it do more than 25mpg if you try?
What are they like for rusting, electrical gremlins, and general reliability?
Does the WR1 have ISOFIX in the back?
Does it have ISOFIX in the front, along with passenger airbag deactivation?
Are Subaru dealers happy to deal with them if they've been modified?

Any other advice or thoughts appreciated. If anyone has experience of the V8 M3 and pros/cons relative to a WR1 I'd love to hear your thoughts, as that is the other car that I'm considering. Obviously two very different cars though.
And finally - is anyone looking to sell between now & the end of the year? Ideally I'm after a non-modded WR1, but would be happy to discuss. An unmodified Blobeye STI with PPP in WR Blue/gold wheels would also be of interest if anyone has one for sale. 997 Gen2 Carrera S Manual (2009) needs a new home soon if anyone's tempted...

Thank you!
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Re: Considering WR1

Postby silver-sonic » Fri May 06, 2016 6:43 am

hi brakepad.
the WR1 is a pretty reliable car no more or less than any other STI
most parts that are still readily available , none discontinued that will render it a non runner that i am aware of.
discontinued items are foglights,wheels wheel centres ,mats , tax disk holder , keyring, console plaque and service book.
think everything else is available.
over 20mpg on an ummodded example is easy if not driven hard.
i regularly get 26mpg on a run from mine.
does have isofix in rear.
servicing is about £200/300 from a specialist.
main areas to watch for rust are round windscreen after screen replacement, and underneath rear spoiler, sometimes on wings but not many.
not seen one with rusty arches, but like any car poorly repaired accident damage or stone chips left to elements will promote it anywhere.
they are appreciating at the moment more than standard STI so holding money better,
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